Who Is Stefan Marjanovich ?

A dedicated, student-focused, cheerful, friendly, reliable, highly creative, enthusiastic and dynamic professional - committed to providing a well- balanced, supportive, and engaging learning environment. Proficient at tailoring lesson plans to incorporate students' diverse interests, versatile outlooks, and capturing their attention and imagination. Talent for integrating thematic units, cooperative learning projects to generate independent thought.

I have more than a few hobbies and interests. I don't consider playing computer games a hobby, even though I play them semi-regularly , but we will get to that too :) I like drawing and painting, as well as clay sculpting. For the past couple of years , I ve found this cool new thing which is painting on rocks and stones , before that I had been painting and drawing on papers and canvases like all normal people do.

I like metalworking and woodworking , but as we all know one really cannot do that in an apartment for obvious reasons. Its physically demanding but very satisfying indeed.
Learning languages is a big passion of mine. When it comes to sports , my favorite sports are basketball and handball. I don't watch them anymore , nor do I have time to play them ( basketball ) , which is a shame. We have only 24 hours a day at our disposal unfortunately.
I ve promised that I am going to be talking about computer games and gaming in general, and no , I don't consider computer games a hobby , but from what I can read , a lot of people do. I love playing computer games some of my favorite ones are the oldies such as : Quake 3 Arena , Diablo 2 , Age of Empires 2 , StarCraft 1 and 2 , C & C : Red Alert series , NBA Jam , Cadillacs and Dinosaurs ( arcade ).
In case you liked what you ve just read and you find me interesting in any sort of way, don't hesitate to book my lessons either the group or the individual ones.