Free TEFL training

Do you want an adventure in Europe?

Prague is right in the midle.

One of the world's most beautiful cities with historical treasures.

Great and cheap beer and pubs.

Cultural and music festivals, opera and theatre, museums and galleries ….

A safe capital city with a low crime rate.

Become an English teacher.

Dont pay for your TEFL training.

Get it for free with us.

We are Easyspeak, Prague language school, primary and secondary school, preschool and art school.

Choose your prefered age group.

Choose your working hours.

Start from September 2023.

EasySpeak is offering a unique opportunity for newly-appointed and experienced teachers alike to train for and receive a TEFL Certificate at no cost to the teacher. This highly-practical, hands-on course with a major teaching practice component will be offered in conjunction with Prague TEFL. The course will be conducted part-time over the course of the school year outside of regular teaching hours. Successful participants will receive an internationally recognized TEFL certificate which will support overall marketability as a teacher as well as advancement in any future teaching career.

Taught by an international team of highly qualified trainers with years of experience in teaching and teacher training, the course consists of a combination of interactive input sessions on a variety of TEFL topics, as well as observed teaching practice with several age groups. Input sessions will be on topics such as feedback and error correction, course planning and student assessment, basic phonetics and English language awareness. Weekly lesson observations will provide personalized peer and trainer feedback and the chance to discuss and plan lessons with your trainer and fellow teachers. All the trainers are themselves in-service teachers who understand first-hand authentic classroom contexts and real students' needs.

Join us for a both fun, and challenging young learner teaching experience abroad. With Easyspeak you can gain valuable young learner teaching experience, meet amazing students and colleagues, develop awareness of current language learning theory and methodology as well as observe linguistic and cross-cultural differences and similarities. You will gain valuable skills for effective communication, and learning facilitation with both young learners and adults.

Prague offers:

One of the world's most beautiful cities with historical treasures listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, great (and cheap 😀) beer and pubs, cultural and music festivals, opera and theatre, museums and galleries as well as a wide variety of sporting and outdoor activities.

A safe capital city with a low crime rate.

Relatively low cost of living compared to other European capitals - reasonably priced, reliable public transport, accessible quality medical and dental care.

Central location with convenient access to surrounding countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia)

We look forward to meeting and working with you in Prague.

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